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KL Ltd. is well recognized for its movement of bulk products and dry cargo to many communities within Tanzania such as Dar-es-Salaam, Dodoma, Mwanza, Morogoro, Tanga, Arusha, Mbeya, Kyela, Mbozi, Songea, Sumbawanga, Iringa, Mafinga. The transport division also serves Tanzania's neighbouring countries including Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, and Congo. For over two decades, KL Ltd has successfully fulfilled contracts for governments, local non-government organisations, multinational corporations and multilateral donors.

Our large fleet consists of vehicles which are able to load containers and thereby able to transport cargo from the port; palletized goods i.e. bottled drinks as well as loose material such as grain, rice, coffee and raw mined materials.

Our business has two major hubs - Mbeya and Dar-es-salaam. Our Mbeya location is the headquarters of Kanji Lalji Ltd and it serves rural and urban communities in southern Tanzania as well as Zambia, Malawi and Congo. The Dar-es-salaam location serves the Northern Tanzanian communities as well as Kenya and Uganda.

Maintaining a fleet of 140 trucks of various configurations, from a loading capacity of 7 tons to 32 tons, KL Ltd. has the capability of servicing the rural areas with its smaller trucks, or the major destinations with its larger fleet, with a total haulage capacity of over 4000 tons.

KL Ltd is constantly maintaining its fleet to ensure quality standard transport. For example, each truck has recently been installed with the revolutionary GPS tracking system that captures a complete current and historical movement of each truck. Information provided includes travel path, rates of speed and amount of time stopped at any given location.


Mbeya Sinde Area Workshop

We also have a separate fully equipped workshop that is situated near the Tanroads in Sinde Area. We pride ourselves with all repairs related to our trucks & trailers from fabrication of trailers, building bodies to the needs of the client, and overhauling engines to repairing tyres.

Mbeya Soweto Area Parking & Warehouses

We currently have a Parking yard in Soweto, Mbeya where all our trucks can securely park. With twelve inch thick concrete walls and a height of 6 meters there is a parking area of 5000 sq meters with additional warehousing space that is 1400 sq meters.

Dar-es-salaam Workshop & Parking Area

This fully reinforced & paved 8,100 sq meter property, located on Nelson Mandela Road (plot 36/37) is less than 4km from the TBL plant. The yard comprises of our offices, parking yard & workshop. With Knight Support Security, Electric Fences & Alarms this compound is very secure. All our workshops are equipped with tire changers, compressors, forklifts, gas & electric welding, fueling system and all other equipment that one expects.

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Kanji Lalji Ltd.
P. O. Box 10 Mbeya, Tanzania East Africa Phone +255 25 250 2076 / Fax +255 25 250 4007
P.O. Box 42766 Dar-es-Salaam Phone +255 22 286 0020/ Fax +255 22 286 4812